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Computer Science Courses


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the foundation of many computing principles and careers.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a new growing trend in the field of computer science.


Full Stack Web Development

Discover the various concepts of web development including HTML,CSS, JavaScript etc. Become a master of web development.


Data Science

Data Science is probably the most in-demand skill in the industry at the moment. It is the most sought-after career option within tech professionals and students.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft to ensure the safety and protection of programs


Cloud Computing

Big companies like Amazon and Microsoft are scaling huge heights as their focus is on Cloud Computing .


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality have shown tremendous potential and is the next big thing in the era of technological advancement. Explore the different trends in this field


Android App Development

Master the basics of Android App Development and build a Cloud-Connected Android App with the assistance of Flutter

Electronics and Communication


Internet Of Things

The period before IoT was called the “Internet of People” period where the connective specimen brought people across the planet on a single platform



Learn the concepts of Arduino Programming and understand the new developments in the field of Robotics. Enroll now!


Embedded Systems

An Embedded System can be defined as a microprocessor or a microcontroller-based system combining hardware and software


Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Be the tech enforcer of tomorrow with the knowledge of the machines capable of driving tomorrow. Drive your own career prospects with certificates from eminent companies.

Mechanical / Automobile


Auto Cad

Ever since the idea of creating new things came into existence, designing has always been an integral part


IC Engine

Internal Combustion(IC) Engines provide for outstanding performance and durability for vehicles.


Car Designing

Now it's possible to drive your dreams to reality. How? By designing your own cars with skilldunia's Car designing program.

Management Courses


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the modern age technique which helps businesses scale operations on the biggest marketplace at the moment


Human Resource

Explore the resource to be the best in the HR field. Now, achieve the excellence your organization expects from you with our Mentorship program.


Business Analytics

With skilldunia's Business Analytics course, learn the tactical solutions to address pertinent business actions and complications.


Stock Market

Be the master of the ever-fluctuating yet influential Stocks. Our Mentorship program will help you take smart financial decisions.


Marketing Management

Marketing is one of the fundamentals of any budding business enterprise. Learn the tips and tricks to ace Marketing Management with us!



Every Company considers to be in "Profit" in every step of the way. But only the Finance Department decides its legitimacy. Ace your Financial skills with skilldunia.

Biotechnology Courses


Nano Technology

Get to explore the applications of Nanotechnology like Molecular Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics with industry-experts in our Mentorship Program.


Genetic Engineering

Science is beyond imagination. Let’s learn the science of changing the genetic design of an organism in our Mentorship Program